Main Distribution Frame (MDF) - Jumpering/Connections

TechTV will connect the tagged telephone line in the MDF of your apartment/office building to your phone line in the MDF so the service works inside your apartment or office for $150 (inc GST).

Our process for MDF connections/jumpering:

1. TechTV will ask you whether we can access the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) so we only have to visit once (some buildings have high security and you have to contact the manager or real estate agent).

2. We find your tagged telephone pair in the MDF and test your line condition and ADSL / VDSL sync speed from this point (back to the DSLAM in the telephone exchange or the Node down the street).

3. Our technician then identifies your Apartment or Offices line in the MDF and 'jumpers' it and updates the record book.

4. We then test your ADSL or VDSL sync speed at your telephone outlet for quality assurance and provide you with the test result from the MDF and at the telephone outlet via E-Mail.

If you have been told by your Internet Service Provider that the service is delivered, tagged or working at the MDF and you require an ACMA registered cabler, TechTV are the ones to call!
Contact us on 0456 358 858 or to book an MDF Technician!

We accept payment on the day via cash or credit card (no fees apply).

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Perth MDF Jumpering

Perth MDF jumpering connection service. ACMA registered MDF technicians

Typical MDF for small Perth apartment block before connecting the service. Here we are confirming that we have the correct line to the apartment as record books are not always perfect.


0456 358 858