NBN Cabling Optimisations

We make NBN connections go faster and can stop the dropouts for people in the Perth metropolitan area

    Our NBN cabling services:

  • Diagnose and Fix NBN Fiber-To-The-Node (FTTN) & Fiber-To-The-Curb (FTTC) speed issues and dropouts
  • Remove so called 'Bridge Taps' and help prove a fault is not on your side of the boundary
  • Review wi-fi setup and configuration as this can cause speed problems with all types of nbn connections
  • We have the latest test equipment which will show the maximum speed your connection is capable of
  • Prepare a new house for NBN connection

NBN speed issues or drop outs?

We attend your home or business and measure the speed of your connection at your modem point and at the first point or building entry point of the NBN signal. From this result we determine the fastest speed attainable from the link and then remediate the internal cabling to ensure this is the speed received by your modem.
Remediation varies from a simple cabling optimisation and new outlet if required to a complete replacement of the cable between the building entry point and your modem.
When we are at your home or business we can also review your wi-fi setup to see if this is causing problems.
We can also prepare new homes for NBN connections and move NBN points.

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What is a Bridge tap?

A large number of our clients are coming to us asking to have a 'bridge tap' removed. For a lot of them we can solve all of their issues by doing this. For others, removal of the bridge tap is necessary in order to get nbn to investigate a fault on their line.
"A bridge tap is an additional wire connected from the main cable (the one entering the house) going for example to another phone point in the house. This can reduce the attainable bit-rate of the connection and will cause drop outs on the line".
Click here to see an example of a bridge tap, or scroll down.

Unsure what type of NBN you are receiving and when? Check www.nbnco.com.au to find out more information.

If your home has old cabling, a back to base alarm system or more than one outlet you might want to have us inspect your cabling before you lay blame on the service provider or NBN for your issues.

If you don't have the NBN yet or are waiting for Fiber-To-The-Node or Fiber-To-The-Curb we can get your premises ready so you can switch to the NBN with confidence that you aren't relying on old telephone cable that is quite susceptible to sources of interference compared to newer Category 6 cable that we use as standard.

Things our technicians find that cause problems

This is what we typically do for Fiber-To-The-Node (FTTN) Customers who want maximum performance from their connection & have access available to install a new cable:

1. Test your connection at the modem point and building entry point and report on any faults.
2. Disconnect existing internal wiring and sockets.
3. Run a category 6 cable from the building entry point to the Modem.
4. Install new external junction box if required.
5. Install new style RJ11 outlet.
6. Test your connection at the new outlet for quality assurance.

We offer solutions to suit all budgets so please contact us for a quote. When comparing us to competitors, ask if they will test your line with the same meter NBNCo techs use as part of every job.

We also help homes and businesses make their existing alarm and telephone sockets work again (for voice) after being connected to the NBN. Contact Us today!

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