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Data, Telephone & TV Cabling (CAT5E/CAT6/CAT6A/HDMI/COAX)

Data cabling perth

Depending on your requirements, there are many different types of cable that we can install. With data cabling, there is Category 5e and Category 6 which both support gigabit ethernet (1gbps with 100Mhz and 250Mhz of bandwidth respectively) and CAT6a cabling which supports ten-gigabit ethernet (10 gbps at 500Mhz of bandwidth). In your home or office, these cables are run to a central point. There is also Coaxial and HDMI cabling in your home for television signal.

We use CAT6 cable as standard for all data and telephone jobs because of the higher bandwidth that CAT6 can support (250 Mhz) as well as the fact its a thicker cable than Cat5e. We find many customers are sick of 'net flix buffering' and in alot of cases this is caused by the TV or streaming device using Wi-Fi. If you look at the back of your TV or look up the specifications you might find it has a Local Area Network (LAN) port - if your TV has a wireless internet connection and you have problems streaming then you might benefit from having us hard wire it to your modem/router. Whether you need just one point or your whole premises wired up we can help. If you have been told you need an ADSL central filter/splitter we can also install one as well as recommend anything else you need to make your internet perform at it's best. You can even distribute TV signal (HDMI/Satellite/Free to Air) via Category 6 cable to each TV with the help of converters that we supply which some can even send the IR remote signal signal so the remote control for the signal source works on the other TV(s).

TechTV specialises in all aspects of Voice and Data cabling. Visit our telephone and data cabling services page for more information or
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Why is my fixed line ADSL or VDSL connection slow?

The National Broadband Network's VDSL2 (Fiber-To-The-Node) technology uses the existing copper telephone wiring within your home or business premises. In newer homes with Cat5e cable or better this is not usually a worry except we regularly find homes less than 10 years old with major problems caused by joins in the telephone wiring from extra points being installed and other faults like interference from being run along side power cables.

We believe there are two major factors which affect the speed and quality of connection you will receive:

1. Distance from the node

2. Quality of copper cabling in the street and your home/premises.

Part of the reason NBN is able to deliver high speed over the existing copper network is by placing nodes close to homes. We see people getting excellent speeds who are 500 metres away from the node.

With point 2, this is why are have invested in the latest test equipment for speed but also quality of the copper wiring. Our ACMA endorsed technicians can determine if the wiring in your home or business needs attention and where the fault lies. We do this by testing the connection at the point where it enters your home and at the wallplate where the modem is plugged into.

While we do see faults caused by service providers, more often we see things like this in peoples roof spaces which cause problems. It's one thing to have extra joins and telephone points that are not needed (they cause interference with VDSL/ADSL and other issues) but it's another thing to have wires that are twisted together without anything to stop the exposed copper from corroding over time except some tape.

we fix faulty cabling

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ADSL and VDSL (NBN Fiber-To-The-Node) speed testing

Our test meter can test NBN Fiber To the Node connections

When somebody is experiencing slow internet or drop outs they might head to a website such as which will report your internet download and upload speed as well as latency (ping). When the results are not so pleasing, some people are quick to blame their service provider or their network!

One client in Hamilton Hill with a FTTN NBN connection had 10Mbit/s at their telephone outlet but when tested at the junction box on the side of their home they achieved just under 70Mbit/s. After we replaced the telephone outlet and disabled the other outlets this client finished with 70Mbit/s at their outlet!

With the latest test equipment, TechTV will determine whether you have a faulty modem, bad internal cabling or whether your service provider has a problem in the street. From this point we will determine whether you simply need a new telephone outlet, re wiring or other work like replacing joins in the telephone cable that might have become corroded.

If you are not having problems, our test can confirm whether you are getting the maximum speed possible from your telephone line by testing at the socket(s) inside and at the outside junction box (or Network Boundary/Main Distribution Frame). We also test your internal cabling with the Time Domain Reflectometer capability of our test meter. If you have a fault, this allows us to find the exact point in your wiring that has a fault such as a bad or corroded joint or a breakage. Book a test today!

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